What's New in MicroStrategy Web
Getting started with MicroStrategy Web
Setting your preferences
Running and viewing reports and documents
Running and viewing documents and dashboards
Running and viewing Visual Insight analyses
Analyzing report and document results
    Applying color banding to a report or document
    Sorting report results
    Grouping data by indenting: Outline Mode
    Understanding how data is displayed: Incremental Fetch
    Using selectors to change the data displayed in a document
    Using a Transaction Services-enabled document to update data
    Displaying thresholds on a report
    Grouping data with new rows, filtering data, and recalculating data: Derived elements
    Grouping data by page: Page-by
    Restricting report results: Filtering
    Displaying and modifying grand totals and subtotals
    Calculating data on a report: Metrics
    Analyzing additional levels of data: Drilling and Linking
    Moving, renaming, and deleting objects on a report
    Analyzing data in Flash Mode: Reports and widgets
    Analyzing data in grids displayed in documents
Saving, exporting, emailing, or printing a report or document
Subscribing to reports and documents
Creating and modifying reports
Creating and modifying documents and dashboards
Creating and modifying Visual Insight analyses
Searching for objects
Maintaining folders, reports, and objects
Interfaces for importing data, custom groups, thresholds, and report details
Creating HTML documents
Logging out and setting logout preferences
Installing MicroStrategy Office
Troubleshooting and Technical Support
Customizing MicroStrategy Web and Online Help